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Where Sports, Lifestyle & Entertainment Comes Alive!!

Introducing the 1 Shamelin Sports Hub — Your window to fulfill your potential in sports. Get your GAME ON at 1 Shamelin Sports Hub!

A One Stop center & perfect destination for athletes to meet and compete in healthy competitive competition.

1 Shamelin Sports Hub is the first in-door sports arena in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur to combine world-class sporting infrastructure for dodgeball, badminton, snooker and  fitness center with community lifestyle and entertainment facilities — where everyone can experience sports and entertainment in a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

There's always something for everyone here.


To develop an Innovative Sports Hub that provides a diverse range of programs and events for international, national and state sporting and recreational to the community.


To provide a healthy living avenue for urban Youths and at the same time providing the platform for youth from all ages and background to showcase their inner strength and talents.

The Trust operates on three key values : innovation, teamwork and respect.

All of our programs and services are inspired by our desire to :  'Develop Champions in Life'


To promote 1 Shamelin Sports Hub as the central place to go for all your health and wellness needs — for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To elevate 1 Shamelin Sport Hub as the haven for niche sports such as dodgeball and badminton.